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Draft Report ofthe 33rd ISO/TC 45/SC 4 Plenary Meeting 2019,Berlin, Germany

ISO/TC 45/SC 4 N 1627 ISO/TC 45/SC 4

Products (other than hoses)

Email of secretary: Secretariat: DSM (Malaysia)

Draft Report ofthe 33rd ISO/TC 45/SC 4 Plenary Meeting 2019,Berlin, Germany

Document type: Meeting report Date of document: 2019-11-29 Expected action: COMM Action due date: 2019-12-29 Background: Dear ISO/TC 45/SC 4 members, The draft report of the 33rd ISO/TC 45/SC 4 meeting is now ready for comments by members. Kindly send your comment (if any) to the secretariat by 2019-12-29. If I do not receive any response from you by this deadline, I will assume that this draft report is a true record of the ISO/TC 45/SC 4 Plenary Meeting for 2019. Thank you. Regards, Ainal Fatiha Mohd Noor Commitee Manager, ISO/TC 45/SC 4 Committee URL: ISO/TC 45/SC 4 Rubber and rubber products, Products (Other than hoses) Secretariat: DSM (Malaysia) ISO/TC 45/SC 4N1627 Date: 2019-11-27 Page 1 (10) DRAFT REPORT OF THE 33rd ISO/TC 45/SC 4 PLENARY MEETING DIN – GERMAN INSTITUTE FOR STANDARDIZATION BERLIN, GERMAN THURSDAY, 2019-10-31 1. Opening of the meeting Dr Amir Hashim Chairman of SC 4 welcomed and thanked to all the members for attending the SC 4 Plenary meeting. Chairman also remarked that a total of 8 WGs under the responsibility of SC 4 met this year. 2. Roll call of delegates The Committee Manager conducted the roll call of delegates. Sixty nine (69) delegates from eleven (11) P- member bodies were present at the meeting. The member bodies present include China, Germany, India, Japan, Malaysia, Netherlands, Philippines, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, United Kingdom and USA. The list of attendees is provided in Annex A. 3. Adoption of the agenda The agenda in document ISO/TC 45/SC 4 N1623 was adopted as presented. 4. Appointment of the drafting committee The meeting agreed to draft the resolutions in English only. Ms Margaret Stephens volunteered to assist in the drafting of the resolutions. 5. To note the report of the 32nd meeting of ISO/TC 45/SC 4 in Hangzhou, China The Committee Manager reported that the draft report was circulated as document ISO/TC 45/SC4 N 1530 on 2018-12-02 for one month commenting period and received no comments. It is noted that from the last year meeting, one (1) matter arising raised to be brought up this this year meeting. The report of the last meeting was approved as a true record of the meeting. 6. Report of the S